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October 12-15th


30+ Expert Speakers

WHAT IS Note C.A.M.P.?

Note C.A.M.P. is the first fully virtual default investing summit. We wanted to create an annual conference that would serve as the catalyst for anyone interested from around the world to easily learn about the amazing opportunies in this space. 

Join the note industries first fully online convention APRIL 5TH-8TH! Join educators, investors, asset managers and vendors for four days of Content, Actions, Marketing & Profits all from the comfort of your home or office!



Scott Duffy

Scott is a champion for entrepreneurship. He has been listed as a “Top Keynote Speaker” by Entrepreneur and Forbes. He has spoken at the NYSE and provided commentary in numerous media outlets including CNBC, FOX News, and CBS Radio. He is the Co-Host of Business & Burgers “Presented by Microsoft”, Special Project Editor at and Best-Selling Author of Launch!, a roadmap for building great companies.

Scott Carson

Scott Carson, The Note Guy, is a full time real estate investor specializing in buying defaulted bank notes directly from over 3000 lending institutions and 800+ hedge funds across the country. I also specialize in raising private capital and am an international speaker on notes, private money, and toxic assets.

Aaron Scott Young 

For over 20 years, Aaron Young has been empowering business owners to build strong companies and proactively protect their dreams. An entrepreneur with several multimillion-dollar companies under his own belt, Aaron has made it his life’s work to arm other business owners with success formulas that immediately provide exponential growth and protection

Jillian Sidoti

Attorney, Author, Public Speaker, and Teacher, Jillian is THE person when it comes to raising money. An SEC Attorney with Trowbridge Taylor Sidoti LLP by trade she has helped hundreds of investors raise millions of dollars for their investment ventures - from jewelry businesses to record labels. She does it all – keeps you in check (which is VERY important when it comes to raising money) and shows you ways in which you can move forward when you are stuck.

Joel Markovitz 

Joel Markovitz is head of Business Development at Daniel Singer Law Group. Daniel Singer Law Group is a sister company of JH Capital Group, a leader in the distressed debt field. Daniel Singer Law Group services and performs loss mitigation and foreclosure management on mortgage loans. This is complemented by JH being a licensed debt buyer and a minority owned business.

Quincy Long

Quincy is the President of Quest IRA and works in the Houston corporate office. He is licensed Texas attorney seince 1991, specializing in real estate, and has been a fee attorney for Amercian Title Company. He is the author of numerous articles on self-directed IRAs and other real estate realted topics, many of which can be found on the Quest Ira website, and in addition, Dyches Boddiford and George Yeiter, CPA, co-authored with Quincy to write the book "Real Estate Investment Using Self-Directed IRAs and Other Retirement Plans."

Tim Herriage 

Tim Herriage currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of 2020 REI Companies. For more than a decade Tim has been on the leading edge of the Real Estate Investor space. This includes being the Founder of 2020 REI Companies, Managing Director with B2R Finance, Founder of the REI Expo, and a Franchisee and Development Agent for HomeVestors® of America. Through his ownership in a HomeVestors franchise, Tim aggressively invests in single family houses, primarily in the North Texas area. Tim has completed well over $1 Billion in real estate investment transactions, including the acquisition of more than 1,200 houses. Through 2020 REI Companies, Tim looks to shape the Single Family Investment arena in new ways: to include acquisition, brokerage, consulting, disposition, equity, and financing services.


Jay Tenenbaum

John Hyre

TJ Osterman

Rick Allen 

Sue Nelson

Ed Babtkis

Merrill Chandler

Brecht Palombo

George Antone

Wayne Snell

Bill Tan

Alex Goldofsky 

Adam Adams

Kevin Cordell

Shante Duffy

Mahir Allan

Kristie Whites

Randy Rodenhouse

Stephanie Goodman

Cynthia Faulkner

Tom Boren

Dave Putz

Val Sotir

Darin Adams

Daniel Singer

Bill McCafferty


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